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Fiera di San Giovanni


city center


Every year around 24th June Saint John's fair brings joy and life to Cesena. 24th June, Sant Jhon's Day (Protector of Cesena) is the most important day of the fair.
The tradition dates back to the ancient Summer Solstice celebrations and Saint John's Festival.
The high Mass celebrated every year on this day strengthen the bonding between the saint an the city. Flea markets, shows, carousels and wine and food tastings can be found everywhere in the city, and good music is their background.The symbols of this fair are garlic (against evil eye, vampires and witches), lavender and - since the early 19th century - red sugar whistles (usually goose shaped). Their colour is due to the fact that the whistle was originally a present for the loved one - red is the colour of passion.   

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