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Pope Pio VI (Giovan Battista Braschi)


Tipology Pope

Pio VI

He became pope in 1775. He was very fond of arts (he founde the Vatican Pinacotheque). When the french revolution bursted, he was firm, but then he gave away Bologna, Ferrara and Romagna to Napoleon (1797). The general deported him to France in 1798, where he died.

Historic valuation

He was an important pope as for arts. In politics, he was not a liberal, but at least frim with Napoleon.

Memories in the town of today
Bronze statue in the facade of Palazzo del Ridotto.


Place and date of birth
Cesena, 1717.

Place and date of death
Valance (F), 20 luglio 1799.



Turismo Made in Cesena