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School trips


IAT CesenaPiazza del Popolo, 15 - 47521 (FC)) 


The city of Cesena, with its history and attractions, is perfect for guided school trips. Students and teachers will have the chance to enjoy numerous and interesting museums and spaces, perfect for their needs.
We thought of two possible solutions for school groups, for one or two days, with overnight stay.


Proposal for one day trip

9.30 - welcome and introduction to the history of Cesena

10.00 - visit to Biblioteca Malatestiana
First municipal library in Italy and the only one in the world that has been preserved perfectly in all of its parts. Unique and charming. Nothing has changed since 1452. Included by Unesco in the Memory of the World Register. Built by Malatesta Novello, lord of Cesena, with a project of Matteo Nuti (1447-1452), it welcomes visitor with its beautiful walnut door, leading to its inner basilicas shape with three naves. Its eleven spans host 58 plutei containing 340 precious codices, decorated with beautiful illuminations.

11.30 - visit to Rocca Malatestiana 
One of the most impressive in Romagna, with its "court" and two central towers. It is surrounded by mysterious walkways; a glance overlooking the whole Romagna area.

13.00 - visit to Villa Silvia-Carducci in Lizzano, a few km from Cesena. The villa, built in the eighteenth century, became a property of the Pasolini Zanelli family in 1806. It then became a popular cultural gathering frequented, among others, by poet Giosuè Carducci. Lunch including: piadina romagnola with sausage, french fries, fruit and soft drink,

Ore 15.00 - visit to Musicalia, museum of ancient mechanical instruments by AMMI (Associazione Italiana  Musica Meccanica). Short visit to the "Giardino Parlante" corner in the park of the villa: three "rooms" where an 
audio comment briefly explains the history of the villa and of those who lived in it

17.00 - end of visit

TOTAL FEE - entrance to all museums with guided tours and lunch in Villa Silvia-Carducci included: € 11,50 per student


Proposal for two days trip


9.30 - welcome and introduction to the history of Cesena
Ore 10.00 - visit to Biblioteca Malatestiana with didactic laboratory on ancient codices ("Alla scoperta della Biblioteca"; lasts 3 hours)

12.30 - (optional) lunch at Rocca Malatestiana with filled piadina romagnola and a drink. Price per student: € 4,00

15.00 - visit to Fortress with customized didactic laboratory

17.00 - walk to discovery the beauty of the center, from Palazzo del Ridotto (with a bronze statue of Pio VI) to Piazza del Popolo (with Fontana Masini, Palazzo Municipale, Loggetta Veneziana and Torrione del Nuti)
20.00 - (optional) Dinner at restaurant € 10,00

10.00 - visit to Basilica di Santa Maria del Monte and book restoration laboratory. 
On the Spaziano Hill lays the thousand-years-old Abbazia di Santa Maria del Monte, famous mainly for its collection of ex-votos, for the impressive dome painted by Giuseppe Milani and for the Laboratory for the 
restoration of ancient books, which is still active today

12.30 - visit to Villa Silvia-Carducci in Lizzano, a few km from Cesena (optional) LUNCH in Villa Silvia including: piadina romagnola with sausage, french fries, fruit, soft drink. Price per 
student € 5,00

15.00 - visit to Musicalia, museum of ancient mechanical instruments by AMMI (Associazione Italiana Musica Meccanica).

17.00 end of visit and bus return trip

TOTAL COST - Visit and museum  activities + hotel stay in the center, in multiple bed rooms: € 45,00 per student


Further information

ph. +39 0547 356327
fax.+39 0547 356393

e-mail: iat@comune.cesena.fc.it

opening hours: 
Tue to Sat: 
9.30 -13.00; 15.00-18.00;

9.30 -12.30



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