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discover the area 

Walls and gates of Cesena

Viale Giosué Carducci
47521 Cesena (FC)
Tel: 0547 356327 (iat)


Malatestas family gave to the centre of Cesena its shape resembling a scorpion, inside the walls, of which today we can see large parts. Of the ancient gates, three still exist: Porta Montanara (near the Fortress, one of the three accesses to the citadel called 'murata'), Porta Santi (or Romana, 'the tail of the scorpion') and Porta Fiume (or Porta del Ponte, ancient main entrance to Cesena). Another gate, Cervese, was replaced in 1800 by Barriera Cavour.
No signs, on the contrary, of Porta Figarola and Porta Trova.

On foot and by bicycle. The access is free.