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Piazza Tre Martiri, 8
47020 Longiano (FC)
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Longiano is a wonderful village which lays on a hill at the edge of the Rubicone Valley, on the way from Cesena to Rimini. It boasts of a noble past under the Malatestas (as a proof, the Castle, which today hosts the 'Tito Balestra Foundation') and knew a terrible time during the Second World War, because of the presence of the Gothic Line. Among the monuments that worth a visit, the Sanctuary of the Holy Crucifix, the Italian Museum of Cast Iron and the Petrella Theatre , very appreciated by the actors.
Voted in 1992 among the 'ideal villages of Europe', Longiano has either a rich agricultural economy (cherries and oil) or, in the plain, some farms.
The Settimana Longianese in July represents, eventually, the main feast of the village.


Distances: - distances from Cesena 12 km, Savignano sul Rubicone 5 km, Rimini 30 km
- toll house: CESENA (A14) 14 km
- SGC (ways of great communication) gate: CESENA OVEST (SGC E45) 14 km
- train station: CESENA 12 km
- airport: Rimini 35 km

- Strade Statali: S.S. 9 (Via Emilia)
- Strade Provinciali: S.P. 2
- stazioni ferroviarie nel raggio di 10 km: GAMBETTOLA e SAVIGNANO (linea Bologna-Ancona).



Tel: 0547 666411 (centralino)
Fax: 0547 665860

Town surface: 23,62 kmq
Altitude: 179 m. slm
Population (31/12/02): 6.551
Density (31/12/02): 277 inhab./kmq
Cartographic references (IGM 1:25.000): sheet 100



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