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Piazza Maggiore, 3
47020 Montiano (FC)
Official Website


Montiano is a little village on a low hill not far from Cesena, characterized by good hospitality and tasteful cuisine. The Malatestas Fortress (end of the XVI century) overlooks Montiano and is today partly visitable. The amazing Parco della Rimembranza (Thanksgiving Park) with the War Memorial, on the oppostite hill, offers the chance of an astonishing view on the plain. Among the several events, eventually, a little account for the Sagra del Cicciolo (Fiest of the small pieces of pork meat), in September.


distances from: Cesena 10 km, Forlì 35 km, Cesenatico 20 km, Rimini 35 km
- toll-house: CESENA (A14) 10 km
- train station: CESENA 10 km
- airport: Forlì 35 km

- provincial ways: S.P. 9, S.P. 115
- train stations in the range of 10 km: CESENA and GAMBETTOLA (line Bologna-Ancona)



Tel: 0547 51032 - 51151
Fax: 0547 51160

Town surface: 9,30 kmq
Altitude: 159 m. slm
Population (31/12/02): 1.655 inhab.
Density (31/12/02): 184 inhab./kmq



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