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Cippo di Montalto 840 M.S.L.M.


Via Nazionale
47027 Sarsina - Quarto (FC)
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A top from which in 1812 a huge landslide came off that swept up the inhabited centre of Quarto. 
In the summit, thanks to an initiative of the "Pro-Loco of Quarto", a monument was erected in honour of the 18 victims of the landslide. Here a turbine of the power station was placed to indicate that, in consequence of this tragic event, the lake and subsequently the hydroelectric station had their origin. 
The landscape that can be enjoyed from the summit is wonderful: frontally the Mount Fumaiolo , under the invade of the lake there is the centre of Quarto and in the left the Mount Carpegna . 
In the versant of  the town the remarkable forests are represented almost completely by the wonderful and secular forest of Black Pine, while in the opposite versant (North) the forest is constituted mainly by the black carpinus, beech, maple and chestnut. 
The area is also equipped with tables and benches where it is possible to have a tasty picnic.



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