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Archeologic Museum - Cesena


Via Montalti
47521 Cesena - Chiostro di San Francesco (FC)
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The museum, situated in the same palace of the Malatestiana Library, introduces a collection of archaeological reports of Cesena dating  from Prehistory until Humanism. Particularly rich is the collection of the Roman period. Between the numerous exposures, there are fragments of armors (late empire), a decorated bronze plate, a bronze belt, a stone of 'Figulos the Bonos' (III century a.C.), the stele of C.Salvius Secundus (II century), a sarcophagus and cover of necropolis(IV-V century) and an architrave fragment. Of particular interest, the ceramics and the two silver plates recovered in IV century in 1948 on the Garampo hill.


By bicycle, motor-byke and car.

Guided Visits:
Not expected. If needed, contact the Culture Office (0547 355727/722).

Phone: 0547 355730/27 (Culture Office), 0547 356327 (Tourist Office)

Opening times: 
on request. Monday closed.

Admission fee: € 2,50 
Reduced fees: € 1,00 (6-14 and +65 ).
For students aged 3 to 19, entrance €. 1,00
Free entrance till 5 years old.



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