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Museum of the Cathedral - Cesena


Corso Giuseppe Mazzini
47521 Cesena - Centro storico (FC)


The little museum contains objects and holy clothes belonging to the Bishops of Cesena, and also works of art of great value (e.g. the famous 'Our Lady of Pear' by Paolo Veneziano).

By bicycle and bus (line 4).

Guided visits
Not expected. If needed, contact the Office for Holy Art (0547 613304).



Tel: 0547 613304 (Ufficio Arte Sacra)

Opening times:
Saturday from 9.30  to 11.30 and from 4.00 pm  to 6.00 pm 
Sunday from 9.30 am to 11.00 am

Close during summer, opening in September

Admission fee
Free entrance

Pubblication of images thanks to the concession of Diocesi of Cesena-Sarsina (refering to Decreto Vescovile of 20/06/2000: 'Normativa per la riproduzione di immagini').



Turismo Made in Cesena