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Musicalia, museum of the mechanical music - Villa Silvia


Via Lizzano, 1241
47522 Cesena - Villa Silvia di Lizzano (FC)
Sito Ufficiale


A unique Museum in the italian panorama, the history of a big cultural heritage developed along 500 years. Seven rooms, seven different emotion for a journey following the footprints of these antique instruments along the alleys, the streets and in the houses where they lived.
Villa Silvia is now seat of Adminis (Italian Association of Mechanical Music) who has set up an original exposure of tools that document the long history of this particular way to reproduce and distribute music through the most varied, complex and imaginative mechanisms.The exhibition shows the street organs: Portables or facilitators (because transported by shoulder)and cylindrical pianos set on carts, which were played on the streets by beggars who spread the most popular songs. Even squeezeboxes for dance hall and taverns, used for dancing, activated by money and working with spring motor.One section is dedicated to the residence organs, that is, the tools that were placed in personal homes of the upper class from the eighteenth century until the early decades of the twentieth century. They are manual squeezeboxes with the music "recorded" on metal discs or rolls of paper, snuffboxes with small carillons, mechanical cages with birds that sing and move.The decline and then the end of mechanical music in Italy is documented with an exhibition of wax cylinder phonographs and gramophones, which, over time becoming less and less expensive, they ended up replacing mechanical music instruments.The oval room is dedicated to the Melodic Piano Racca that stands out among the mechanical musical instruments from home for the perfect finishes and luxurious materials. Here is exposed the melodic piano belonged to Queen Margherita of Savoy. This museum is a trip back in time hosted in Villa Silvia Carducci. A renaissance campsite host a reproduction of the enormour Leonardo's war drum. A living room dated at the end of 1800 shows instruments used from the italian middle class on that times: littles organs, music boxes working with metal circular supports or punched paper rolls. Then an Avenue, settled from Street Pianos and Portatives. A Room is dedicated at Edison's graving Appareils and introduce the end of mechanical Music Eve. Following, the guest can visit the Queen Room, named from the Queen Margherita, hosting a wonderful Giovanni Racca's Piano Melodico proprietary of the Queen and built in Bologna. After a visit of a 20th Century Grand Hotel hall, visitors can reach The Square room, hosting an impressive Gavioli Orgues with 200 barrels and working with perfored card-boards.



Tel: AMMI - 0547 323425
Fax: 0547 661264

Opening times

Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 12.30
Visit of the museum on Saturday and Sunday from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm (winter) and from 4.00 to 7.00 pm (summer time), in other days and times open only by appointment

Standard 3,00 €
Groups 2.50 (free for the travelling companion)
Children under 6 years: admission free;
from 6 to 14 years and students: € 2.50
over 65: € 2,50



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