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Theater Alessandro Bonci - Cesena


Piazza Guidazzi, 9 - 47521 Cesena
Sito Ufficiale

Teatro Bonci

It is one of the main Italian historical theatres. It was built between 1843-1846, a project by Vincenzo Ghinelli, with a neoclassical facade recalling Piermarini and an interior with 4 grounds and gods, whose decoration is due to Francesco Migliari. The stage is one of the gratest in Europe, the acustic is quite perfect: this made the 'Bonci' very appreciated to actors and singers.

By bicycle and bus (line 4).

Other information
The program goes from October to the end of May, with the last event (opera). Prose and research, dance, opera and concerts: everything is offered by the 'Bonci'.

Visits for groups are allowed under supervision of Theatre Office (0547 355724), according to the wills of the company whose show is being prepared.
Opening times on Sundays and holidays



Tel: 0547 355911 (custode) 
0547 355959 (biglietteria)


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