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Villa Silvia - Carducci - Cesena


Via Lizzano, 1241
47522 Cesena - Lizzano (FC)
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Villa Silvia

The History of Villa Silvia started in the 1874 when it bacame property of the Countess Silvia Pasolini Zanelli, who managed to made it out the parlor of the culture of Romagna. Some of the most famous intellectuals of Romagna attended the Villa: the writers Nazareno Trovanelli, Antonio Messeri, Paul Amaducci; musicians such as Balilla Pratella, Achilles Turks, Federico Sarti, the famous opera singer Alessandro Bonci and especially Carducci, which remains today, in the Villa, his bedroom, remained intact.In the evocative "Literary Garden" located around the villa, the visit is accompanied by an audio commentary that provides news, information, anecdotes and songs about the life of the countess and her relationship with Carducci and other intellectuals who frequented the house.Villa Silvia is now home of the AMMI (Italian Association of Mechanical Music), which develops the research, study, dissemination, preservation and restoration of mechanical musical instruments, with a rich library. Also, is headquartered in the villa, the museum "Musicalia", permanent exhibition of musical instruments of extraordinary interest.



Tel: 0547 323425
Fax: 0547 661264
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Opening time:
From monday to friday 9.00-12.30 am
Guided tours of the museum:
Saturday and Sunday 3.00-6.00 pm (solar time)
                             4.00-7.00pm (daylight saving time)
Bookings accepted for these and other days


Standard 3,00 euro;
groups 2,50 (free for companion)
children under 6 years:free
from 6 to 14 years and school: euro 2,50
over 65: euro 2,50


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