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Petrella Theatre


P.zza San Girolamo, 2
47020 Longiano (FC)
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Teatro comandini

Errico Petrella theatre sits up to 203 people in its parterre, I and II levels of balconies and its gallery.
The former theatre was located in the old citadel but became too small to host its growing public and was dismissed in the late 19th century. In 1850 Biagio Abbatti, from Savignano sul Rubicone, presented a new building project that got put aside due to its elevated construction costs.  Giulio Turchi, council engineer and the Mayor's son, presented a second project in 1864 suggesting a little 300 seat-theatre. The theatre was built in the area where the little old country Church once was.  
The economically troubled construction of the new theatre ended in 1870. That same year in July Enrico Petrella's work I promessi sposi (The betrothed) ushered in the theatre, which was also used as a cinema for several years starting in 1905. It had its parterre and cealing partially destroyed by a bomb during World War II. As a result, the building started to deteriorate.
This process ended in 1980 thanks to the City Council who decided to renovate the building according to its original structure. The renovation followed Sanzio Castagnoli's project and ended in 1986.
The theatre has now regained its past glory and offers a wide range of performance genres: prose, comedy, cabaret, music shows, as well as workshops internships and rehearsals.
Please note the Italian style of the building. A horizontal motif that covers the façade and the sides of the building. The middle part of the façade is protruding and decorated with a fronton. On the first floor you can see three windows spaced out by lesenes. The horseshoe-shaped plan of the theatre gives it a warm and cozy atmosphere. All the decorative elements and disposition were designed by Girolamo Bellani and Giovanni Canepa, both from Lugano

Opening season
October- December and January- May line-ups.
Summer line-up.

By bike, motorbike or car.

Box office opening hours
From Tuesday to Friday from 4 to 7 pm.                                        

Reduced Tickets

According to the rules



Phone: 0547 665113
Fax: 0547 666161


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