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Progetti di Servizio Volontario Europeo

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con Servizio Civile Internazionale

Servizio Civile Internazionale pubblica i seguenti progetti di Servizio Volontario Europeo in cerca di volontari.
Placement Officer for SCI Catalonia office (2010-ES-23), Barcelona, Spain - EVS
Name of project: Placement Officer for SCI Catalonia office (2010-ES-23)
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Project language: Spanish
Local language: Other
Number of volunteer: 1
Period: from 02nd May 2011 to 31st January 2012
Application deadline: 05th January 2011

Decision date: 17th January 2011
EVS project: travel costs 90%, insurance, hosting costs, pocket money covered

Breve descrizione del progetto (in inglese)
SCI Catalonia is the Catalan branch of Service Civil International. We define ourselves as an organization that works to promote peace and social justice, understanding this as the existence equal opportunities, with an international perspective.
The main lines of work are: Voluntary Work Camps (SCI Catalonia organises about 15 work camps, hosts 100 volunteers from other countries, and sends volunteers to other camps abroad); Projects for volunteers of medium to long term length; Actions and projects of awareness and training; International Youth Exchanges; Local groups of volunteers.

SEED II (2009-RO-8), Mofleni, Popoveni and Catargiu, Romania - EVS
Name of project: EVS volunteer for the VSI Teenage Programme (EI: 2009-ISL-3)
Themes: Non formal education, Active European Citizenship and Roma youth
Location: Mofleni, Popoveni and Catargiu, Romania
Project language: English
Local language: Romanian
Number of volunteer: 10
Period: from 15th February 2011 for 9 months
Application deadline: as soon as possible

EVS project: travel costs 90%, insurance, hosting costs, pocket money covered

Breve descrizione del progetto (in inglese)
The project will involve 10 volunteers from 8 Programme Countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Portugal and Sweden), and will be implemented in Craiova, Romania for 9 months, in three locations: Mofleni, Popoveni and Catargiu.
"SEED II" is to be considered the follow-up of one of the fruitful EVS group projects that EPYD is implementing now in Craiova, basically in three communities were Roma youngsters are living and studying (only in a separated manner from the Romanian pupils).
SEED (Sport Education for intEgration Development) has as main aim the involvement, active participation and cooperation between Roma and Romanian youngsters. The results achieved so far need to be further deepened; this is way we would like to continue our work for another 9 months.
Per informazioni su entrambi i progetti e modalità di presentazione della candidatura, visitate l'apposita pagina sul sito di Servizio Civile Internazionale


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07 Ottobre 2016

Data di Pubblicazione:
01 Dicembre 2010

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