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Volontariato a lungo termine


con Servizio Civile Internazionale

SCI Italia, Servizio Civile Internazionale, porta avanti numerosi progetti di volontariato a lungo termine: di seguito trovate tutte le informazioni per partecipare.

BELGIUM - Project LTV at the International Secretariat of SCI, Antwerp, Belgium

Name: Project LTV at the International Secretariat of SCI
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Position: Full-time (37.5 hours a week)
Organisation: International Secretariat of SCI
Period: from March 2011 to March 2012
Application deadline: 31st January 2011
Number of volunteer: 1
Project language: English
Short description
Support implementation of SCI Communication Plan; exchange support; North South support; Support the Peace Messengers network (communication, grant applications, attendance of meetings); support the Programme Officer with fundraising activities; any other tasks as assigned by the International Coordinator/Programme Officer.
Please note that to take part in this project a previous experience in SCI workcamps or SCI volunteering projects is requested.

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JAPAN - Free Kids Village, Takato, Nagano, Japan

Project title: Free Kids Village
Theme: environment
Location: Takato, Nagano, Japan
Period: from 20th March to 15th June 2011
Application deadline: 29th January2010
Decision date: 06th February 2011
Age limit: 18-30
Number of volunteer: 1
Project language: English
Local language: Japanese
Short description
A unique community in a rural village in the mountains, 200 km west of Tokyo. It was established by Ms. Takako Iwatani in 2004. Over 20 people including children lead a self-sustaining, environmentally-friendly life. The first SCI workcamp was held in August 2009.
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FRANCE - Placement Officer at SCI France, Paris, France

Project title: Placement Officer at SCI France
Location: Paris, France
Period: from 01st March 2011 to 31th August 2011
Application deadline: 28th January 2011
Decision date: 04th February 2011
Age limit: 18-30
Number of volunteer: 1
Project language: French
Local language: French
Short description
In the SCI French branch office, the Placement Officer (PO) is in charge of recruiting and communicating with French volunteers going to workcamps abroad and foreign volunteers coming to French workcamps. The PO will be able to enjoy an international working atmosphere, discovering different solidarity-based projects, discover the world of SCI and its many possibilities... He/she will work with great colleagues eager to meet her/him!
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SPAIN - LTV in PATIM, Castellon, Spain

Project title: LTV in PATIM
Theme: Sexuality and gender
Location: Castellon, Spain
Period: from 05th May to 15th August 2011
Application deadline: 04th April 2011
Decision date: 15th April 2011
Number of volunteer: 1
Project language: Spanish
Local language: Spanish
Short description
Patim is an NGO specialized in raising awareness on addictions and other behavioral problems. The organisation provides treatments and helps drug addicts towards professional reinsertion. The volunteers will help by implementing and evaluating an educational programme called \A new masculinity in the 21st century: gender violence awareness". It is directed towards patients of the day centre and of the therapeutic community, also called the residential unit of desintoxication (UDR) of Patim.

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Per tutti i progetti LTV inviare l'application form a ltv@sci-italia.it


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